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Recent Walkthrough VR


Walkthrough VR
for Art Exhibition

The demand for virtual experiences has grown (and continues to grow) dramatically. That’s where Art Deputy comes in.


With the background and extensive experience in virtual art exhibition and its worldwide photographer network, Art Deputy now offers exciting opportunities to explore the art world from the comfort and security of your clients' homes.


We create state-of-the-art virtual tours with a walkthrough user experience.


Contact us for your next exhibition, and book your spot before it’s too late!

Specs, Delivery Time & Price

  • DSLR Cameras to shoot in HD and focus on the artwork's colours

  • 24 hours  delivery for standard VR

  • 24-48 hours delivery for complex VR

  • 250€ for the 1st scene

  • 100€ for each additional scene

  • 10% discount if 5 VR scenes or more


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