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Exhibition at Galerie Alexis Bordes

Updated: Feb 20

Discover Galerie Alexis Bordes exhibition "17th - 20th Century Drawings & Sketches" with our walktrhough virtual tour.

17th - 20th Century Drawings & Sketches

From March 21st to April 28th, 2023

During this month of March, we are happy to present you with our new selection of works on paper. As usual, the French 18th century has the pride of place with the rare rediscovery of a miniature by Hyacinthe Rigaud depicting a gentleman with a red cape.

With striking psychological acuity, Rigaud knew how to capture the very spirit of his sitter and also brilliantly render the effects of fabric.

The visit continues with a ravishing reader of Heloïse and Abelard by François Boucher.

This little gem realized in black chalk, highlighted with red chalk and blue pastel, takes us into the refined elegant lifestyle of Louis XV’s reign.

Landscape collectors will not be outdone with this beautiful burnt sanguine drawing by Hubert Robert which reflects the taste of the time very well for dramaticized and reinvented Nature.

Romanticism has not been forgotten, with the head of a bulldog by Theodore Gericault.

With its virtuoso treatment, an amber preparation and brushed touch, the animal intrigues us with its vivaciousness and disturbing almost hallucinatory eyes.

From drawing to sketch is only a single step, and General Prim so proudly depicted on his hot-blooded black stallion by Henri Regnault is preparatory to his famous painting conserved in the Orsay Museum.

This work constitutes beautiful evidence of a trip taken by the artist to Spain. He disappeared very young and in full glory during the War of 1870.

To close our visit, a superb pastel by Leon Lhermitte lets us evoke peasant life in France in the late 19th century with a vibrant touch which captures the light with virtuosity.

I invite you to discover all of these nuggets starting March 21st in the gallery. Alexis Bordes

About Galerie Alexis Bordes

Alexis Bordes is delighted to present his upstairs gallery at 4, rue de la Paix in Paris.

Situated just next to Place Vendôme, our elegant exhibition space in the heart of Paris attracts an international clientele. We specialize in top quality works from French 18th and 19th century schools.

The intimacy of the upstairs gallery charms amateurs, collectors, and institutions.

Alexis Bordes began his career with 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, before gradually moving into one of his strongest areas of specialization: Old Master Drawings. An expert in public sales for official appraisers, Alexis Bordes advises many European collectors and has enriched numerous museum and institutional collections.

The gallery welcomes you every weekday and regularly exhibits select unpublished works on paper and canvas which are mainly from 18th and 19th century French schools.

For the past few years, the gallery has been working on a catalogue raisonné of the œuvre of the wonderful portraitist Henri François RIESENER.

Between 2004 and 2007, Alexis Bordes directed the Association of the Drouot Quarter which groups all the art market professionals in the vicinity of the Drouot Auction House. Galerie Alexis Bordes 4 rue de la Paix 75002 Paris France W: E:

T: +33 (0)1 47 70 43 30 #BORDES


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